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Justin McGee founded Incarnational Coaching after many years of coaching, teaching. and being an administrator at the secondary level. During that time, he had the opportunity to coach both boys and girls in the private, Christian school environment, and he launched and led an athletic department and was the founding Upper School administrator at a public charter school.  As a coach, teacher, and administrator, he began to realize a few things:

  1. Christian schools have a unique call that is set apart from the public schools -- to educate the heart, minds, and souls of their athletes and students.

  2. Christian schools struggle to find coaches because of this call. 

  3. The culture in private schools is oftentimes different than other settings -- whether it be public schools or club environments. 

  4. It is human nature to parcel out our identities. Our faith and relationship with God is in one box while our job, hobbies, etc. are in other boxes. 

  5. If you were to ask a coach about what he or she desires for his or her athletes in a Christian school, you will most likely hear answers in line with the mission of the institution they serve and the call Christ has on their lives. But, they don't always know how to do this practically.

  6. Kids see right through inauthenticity. 

With these things in mind, Justin created simple, Jesus-centric tools to help coaches, athletic directors, and their communities be Incarnational -- the manifestation of God on earth -- so that the lives of athletes can be changed, and in the process, victories won on their respective field or court.


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Personal Information:


Justin is a member of Restoration Anglican Church in Richardson, TX. He has served on staff at three different churches -- including Restoration -- with two of them being church plants.

He was also an educational consultant for the Dallas Institute of Humanities of Culture where he trained public school teachers how to teach the humanities through the Institute's Cowan Center for Education.

Most recently, Justin has been an Upper School administrator at Great Hearts Arlington where he was the founding Upper School administrator for the school when the school opened in 2021. As part of his role, he launched the athletic program, set the vision of the program, hired and developed coaches, and more!


During the summer, he leads mission trips and pilgrimages for an organization called Wonder Voyage. He loves being able to step into any Christian context -- whether it be conservative or liberal -- and being used by God to help create experiences and spaces where people encounter Christ, and then seeing how that encounter changes their lives. 

He began his coaching career at the ripe age of 20 as an assistant 8th grade football coach and the boys head 7th grade soccer coach at a private Christian school. He grew a beard that year to try and trick the parents he was older than he really was. The beard has stuck.

When he isn't working, you can find Justin spending time with his wife, reading at a local coffee shop, watching the World Series Champion Texas Rangers, or playing sports while his body is still able. 

If you have any questions, or you would like to contact Justin, please do. We would love to hear from you!

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