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Mission Statement:


Incarnational Coaching exists to help Christian coaches -- whether they be head coaches, assistant coaches, or athletic directors -- make evident the way of Jesus in athletics.


Our Heartbeat:


As coaches form their programs, lead their staffs, develop their athletes, build relationships with their players and families, and follow the mission of the institutions they serve, they must be trained to pursue a culture of with-ness instead of otherness with their athletes and community. Incarnational Coaching believes that a a successful athletic program must develop meaningful relationships between coaches and their athletes. While the coach is the ultimate authority, he or she does not lord their authority over and above their athletes at the expense of the culture and experience they desire for them.


As Jesus descended to earth to serve and not to be served (Matthew 20:28), and to be with God’s people and not above them (Philippians 2:5-8), an Incarnational Coach does the same by developing a kingdom-minded vision of success, welcoming others to be participants and co-developers of that vision, and doing so while being authentic to who God has made him or her to be as a coach and leader. 


Athletes, their parents, and the community are then transformed into the image of Christ, success -- both on and off the field -- is achieved in their program, the goals of individual athletes are met and exceeded, and most importantly, God is glorified.

Incarnational Coaching recognizes that school contexts are different, so we develop personalized curriculum and professional development services for each school we serve, so we can most effectively support a school as they seek to make Jesus evident in athletics! You can find more information about the services we provide here!

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