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At the heart of being an Incarnational Coach is the power of being with one another -- with your athletes, with your staff, and with your community. We help coaches, athletic directors, and communities discover and define what this means in their programs and in light of Christ's call on them as leaders. Whether you are a youth coach, a middle school or high school coach, or a coach at another level, we train you how to foster meaningful relationships with the athletes you are called to develop as well as teach you how to use your authority incarnationally -- just as Jesus used His. When you incorporate these qualities in your life and subsequently into your teams, you will positively affect the culture of your teams, transform the lives of your athletes, coaches, and community, and accomplish your desired athletic outcomes.

Ultimately, the objective of our work is to help you glorify God through your athletic programs. We have found that when you make the glory of God your central goal as a coach, the victories -- both on the field and off the field -- will follow, and God will receive all the praise!


“Relational trust is built on movements of the human heart such as empathy, commitment, compassion, patience, and the capacity to forgive.”

Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach

Core Beliefs of Incarnational Coaching


Justin has a passion and gift for helping coaches be better coaches. He knows how to communicate with school-age athletes and he knows how to help other coaches do that better. Justin is laser-focused on how to use the platform of sports to help athletes explore and strengthen their relationship with Christ. Justin was a breath of fresh air when our program was struggling. He helped our players remember and reconnect with why they were playing.

—  Clint S., Coach and Attorney

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